SPLIT belongs to Vinko Lda., a company that emerged from a partnership between three young entrepreneurs and a family linked to the wine sector for the past 15 generations. SPLIT was born out of the shared passion of three friends and wine lovers, who joined a traditional family with a relation of more than 15 generations to the sector, and created Vinko, Lda., the company beyond the brand.

As wine consumers these entrepreneurs felt there were many situations where they would like to drink a glass of wine but they could not. In that sense, they looked for solutions, which were better adapted to a modern lifestyle, allowing for a personalized wine drinking experience suiting everyone’s needs. They found the perfect solution: a ready-to-drink plastic wine cup, 187ml in size, unbreakable, easy to carry and which guarantees an almost identical wine drinking experience as with a traditional wine glass.

This brand allies innovation and tradition and, aims to ensure that quality wine can be consumed anywhere at anytime.

SPLIT is a less known jargon in the wine sector that means a quarter of a bottle, and that’s the exact quantity of each one of our glasses. SPLIT also means the possibility of dividing the bottle into four different glasses and share the simple and unique moments of your life with the best company and your favorite wine.

The wine is filled by Vinko, the same company that owns the brand SPLIT and exclusive holder of the filling technology for a defined region.

SPLIT is protected by four patents that go from the specificity of some raw materials to the filling process. Vinko, Lda has the exclusive right to use these patents in a group of regions defined with the owners of the technology.

All the filling process is realized under an inert atmosphere, to guarantee that the levels of oxygen in the headspace is less than 1%. Furthermore, the wine is filled under a negative atmosphere to assure that the glass is sealed in vacuum, which allows a good thermal range from the storage until the consumption. An easy way to ensure it is to listen the “pop-noise” when you remove the sealing lid.

The main raw material of our glass – PET – has a set of characteristics that make it the right choice for this concept. It allows a drinking sensation similar to the traditional glass and it is transparent, lighter, rigid and recyclable. The fact of being unbreakable is one big advantage to all the moments where the glass utilization is not safe. Furthermore, the conservation of the wine is excllent and its evolution very positive.

As in the majority of wines, there’s not a ‘best before date’ in our products. The expiration date depends on several factors such as the adequate conservation. Anyway we recommend our clients to drink the wine in one year term.

This cover serves to protect of any cuts in the sealing lid of the glass, so as to be able to store wine for a short period of time after opening. However, it is noteworthy that after opening is not waterproof.

One of our main messages is: Where my imagination takes me!
As such, there is no script of places or moments suitable for drinking a SPLIT. All times are good both you like to relax, socialize or celebrate.

Naturally, for its characteristics SPLIT make a difference in those moments that the wine is not available, that we feel like have it in a smaller amount or just a glass of wine, in which we have different tastes of our partner, in which the use of glass is not safe, in cases the logistics of consumption is complicated or in occasions that suits us have something more portable.
Naturally, for its characteristics SPLIT make a difference in those moments such as:

Unavailability of wine
When do you feel like have it in a smaller amount
In which we have different tastes of our partner
The use of glass is not safe and you would like to drink a glass of wine with similar sensations
The logistics to consume is very complex
Occasions that suits us to have wine easy to carry and take it with you

Being a recent, we are in a stage where we are launching the brand and delivering the first orders.
To help you having a quick access to our points of sales, we would try to coordinate with our distribution partners, so that we can quickly provide an area of the site with the outlets closer to home.
However, if you are interested in purchasing our wines, you can place an online order – is subject to additional transport costs, and customs charges in the event of being outside the EU.