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A sumptuous range of delicious wines guaranteed to please!

An easy to drink selection of fruity, refreshing wines with character chosen for you
from some of the world’s favourite grape varieties.

Now you can always have the wine you want, even when you’re on the go!

Cabernet Sauvignon

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The world’s favourite red grape variety, our Cabernet Sauvignon is versatile, fruity and very refined with a long finish.


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The Queen of white grape varieties, and also the most versatile. Our Chardonnay is bursting with ripe apple and citrus fruit, very crisp and full of personality!


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Made from Touriga Nacional, Aragonês and Castelão. A bright, cherry coloured rosé with delicate aromas. Soft, juicy with a crisp acidity.

White Blend

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A blend of white grape varieties from Southern Portugal. Aromatic with hints of rose petal and tropical fruit. Crisp, refreshing and very moreish!


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100% Touriga Nacional, a grape totally unique to Portugal and produced in the spectacular Douro Valley. Soft, round and very fruity.

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Tennis —

Just dive in!

Pool —

Home sweet Split!

Home —

Split – it’s a breeze!

Sailing —

Split – it’s music to my ears!

Concert —

Wine with rhythm.

Concert —

At home even when I’m out.

Hotel —

Grab’n Go!

Take away / Fast lunch —

Split – wherever the wind blows!

Mountain —

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Our answer:


that allows you to enjoy wine wherever and whenever you feel like it.

served in just the right amount to allow you to enjoy a red wine while your friend drinks white.

packaged in an innovative format, preserving the wine and keeping it tasting great.

Easy to carry

Fits in your pocket or handbag. Take a glass wherever you go!

Less waste

A glass of wine whenever you feel like it. No need to open a whole bottle.


SPLIT is environmentally friendly.

Perfect size

187ml equals ¼ of a standard bottle. The perfect serving!

Easy opening

Easy to open vacuum seal lid. Avoid spills with the plastic cap too!

Simple logistics

No need for a corkscrew or to transport and clean glasses.

Freedom of choice

Drink red while your friend drinks white.


Perfect for when a real glass would be unsafe such as by the pool, at a sports event, on a boat…

Easy to store

SPLIT stacks and packs perfectly saving you space.